ZTE released secret 7 Max equipped with the naked eye 3D Screen Dual Camera – Digital Sohu onavo protect

ZTE released secret 7 MAX equipped with the naked eye 3D Screen Dual Camera – Digital Sohu the Sohu digital Luoyuan in Beijing on October 27th news, ZTE released a mobile phone – the secret of naked eye 3D 7 MAX. November 2nd in the official mall, Tmall, Jingdong and other platforms to open an appointment, 3 on sale. Price is 2999 yuan. ZTE secret 7 MAX uses kangdexin 3D screen solution, the content of cooperation with the Oriental horizon. The use of conversion technology, the market for outstanding game 2D turn 3D processing. The built-in 3D Dongdong APP is covered by more than and 10 kinds of other sets of 3D video content, hundreds of games, as well as a wealth of naked eye 3D image resources, more exclusive 3D China new song, the technical copyright. ZTE secret MAX 7 users will receive a free "3D." the value of 360 yuan a year membership privileges. At the same time, ZTE is ready to start building a naked eye 3D ecosystem, to carry the contents of hardware, content to stimulate the hardware, and ultimately achieve hardware + content win-win cooperation model. The secret 7 MAX equipped with SONY dual 13 million pixel camera, with a black and white + color scheme. Monochrome color mode, red, green and blue can create any color photos. Its screen size is 6 inches, the resolution of 1080p, equipped with a Qualcomm snapdragon eight nuclear 14 nanometer processor, hardware level vein fingerprint identification system, also has the double space. 4GB RAM+64GB ROM, maximum support for 200GB expansion. Retains the 3.5mm headphone jack, type-C interface, 4100mAh battery capacity, support QC3.0 fast charge. The secret 7 MAX inherits the characteristics of "hear the sound", equipped with a AK4962 flagship audio chip, adapting integrated audio cavity design and SmartPa, support FLAC, ape lossless music files. ZTE also announced to join the Tencent game (day by day), Kang Dexin, the joint launch of the eastern horizon of the first 3D game contest, plans to open in mid November. 3D video contest will be launched in the near future, online 3D original photography collection, display, selection activities.相关的主题文章: